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Quatrebarbes is a Paris-based law firm which offers your company legal advice and assistance in all intellectual property and technology matters, for both counsel and litigation.

A business may face a lot of issues while trying to structure its intellectual property rights, set up diverse partnerships or launch a new branch of activity. In order to offer a global understanding and expertise on those issues, Quatrebarbes operates within a network of lawyers specializing in different areas of practice such as corporate, competition, tax, telecommunications, or employment law.

Our lawyers have a solid expertise in advocating intellectual property (trademarks, patents, industrial designs, copyright and unfair competition) and technology matters (for instance, the defence of innovative technological solutions, of our clients’ strategy regarding personal data, or the legality of their business models). Negotiating and drafting agreements is part of our daily practice (license, co-ownership, research and development, integration or software development, SAAS agreements…).

Deeply involved in their files, our lawyers are specifically recognized by our clients for their creativity, their understanding of technical issues and the attention they pay to the business aspects of their files.

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