“Intellectual Property and Pop Culture” season 4, by the CEIPI 

Season 4 of CEIPI’s annual meeting, “Intellectual Property and Pop Culture”, is announced!

Rendez-vous on Thursday, December 15th, 2022, for the fourth edition of the “Intellectual Property and Pop Culture” conference, organized by the Center for International Intellectual Property Studies (CEIPI) and La Ligue des Auteurs Pros (French League of Professional Writers).

The law firm Quatrebarbes is proud to be again a partner of this event for this new season.

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Nathalie de Quatrebarbes, founding partner of the firm, will chair episode 2 “Intellectual property and metaverse” in which Mrs. Aurélie Guétin and Messrs. Jean-Marc Deltorn, Jean-Pierre Clavier, and Xavier Près will intervene. 

Programm :

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes appointed co-president of the IT & Software committee of LES France

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes was honored by the international association and appointed co-chair of the IT & Software. Yann Dietrich, Head of IP at Atos and Bertrand Duflos, partner at Beau de Loménie, have been appointed co-president alongside her.

Last interventions of the firm for LES France :

Conférence « Accès aux données, cadre règlementaire européen et étude de cas sur la filière agricole » – LES FRANCE (june 2022)

Séminaire « Intelligence artificielle et Accès aux données » – LES France (october 2021)

Conference “Access to data, European regulatory framework and case study on the agricultural sector” – LES FRANCE

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes participated this Tuesday, June 28 in the conference “Access to data, European regulatory framework and case study on the agricultural sector” organized by the IT&S committee of LES France – Licensing Executives Society, co-chaired by Yann Dietrich and Antoine Dupont.

She led the theme dedicated to the European data strategy.

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes intervened alongside Fabrice TOCCO, Co-CEO of Dawex, Sébastien PICARDAT, CEO of Agdatahub and Laurent DUVEAUX, in charge of information systems for France Génétique Elevage.


The European strategy on the data economy is based on several texts of important European regulations, in particular the Data Governance Act (DGA) and the Data Act (DA), the proposal of which was published in February 2022.
Access to data, the volume of which is growing very rapidly, in particular via the IoT, imposes rights and duties for the various actors in the Data Value Chain (DVC).
During this seminar, a summary of the DGA and DA regulations will be presented in order to understand the essential points.
The agricultural sector has been implementing means for several years to facilitate the exchange of data between the many types of actors in this sector.
The case of the agricultural ecosystem will therefore be discussed in the light of these lessons and the perspectives linked in particular to European regulations.

The proof in Intellectual property – CEIPI

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes spoke once again at the Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI) , at the University of Strasbourg, on Thursday, March 24, 2022, in the context of a lecture on “Pieces of evidence in intellectual property matters”.

She presented the principles, rules and procedures relating to the collection and establishment of evidence useful in national and multi-jurisdictional intellectual property litigation.

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes at the CEIPI

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CEIPI News Day

« Artificial Intelligence and Data Access » seminar – LES France

« Artificial Intelligence and Data Access » seminar – LES France

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes will attend next October 28th, 2021 the “Artificial Intelligence and Data Access” seminar organised by the IT&S committee of LES France – Licensing Executives Society, LES France – Licensing Executives Society, co-chaired by Yann Dietrich and Antoine Dupont. She will intervene alongside Yelena Trifounovitch, partner lawyer at Bredin Prat law firm and Franck Macrez, director of the research laboratory of the Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI).


Program Important developments in the various regulatory frameworks in the field of AI and data access will be discussed in order to give an overview of the current changing context, in particular with regard to compliance with competition rules and intellectual property rights. In order to overcome this relatively “unclear” context, practical contractual approaches will be presented as well as, during the round table, the feedback from industrialists.

14.00 Introduction
Yann Dietrich and Antoine Dupont, LES France, co-chairs of the IT&S committee

14.15 Competition issues and risks of new business models in the field of AI and data
Yelena TRIFOUNOVITCH, Partner lawyer, BREDIN PRAT law firm

14.45 Overview of recent and upcoming reforms in the European Union (directives, regulations, national laws)

16.30 Current legal framework for AI contracts and data access
Nathalie de QUATREBARBES, Lawyer at de QUATREBARBES law firm

17.00 Round table discussion moderated by Antoine Dupont with two industrial players presenting their feedback and the three speakers
Presentation of DAWEX company (Data exchange platform): Laurent Lafaye, co-founder ATOS: Yann Dietrich, Intellectual Property Director

Trademarks registration in China becomes more transparent – L’Usine Nouvelle

Trademarks registration in China becomes more transparent – L’Usine Nouvelle

Since May 19th, 2021, Chinese trademarks have been freely accessible, including in French and English, from the TMView European platform. This should simplify preliminary searches for companies wishing to protect a sign in the People’s Republic of China. Nathalie de Quatrebarbes, partner, gives her views in an expert opinion published by L’Usine Nouvelle.

To read the article: https://www.usinenouvelle.com/article/avis-d-expert-le-depot-de-marques-en-chine-gagne-en-transparence.N1134699

Negotiation of IT contracts

Negotiation of IT contracts

On June 22nd, 2021, Nathalie de Quatrebarbes, founder of the law firm, hosted a webinar for the CRAI (Club des Responsables d’Achats Informatiques – IT Purchasing Manager’s Club) on the key points needed to negotiate IT contracts.

CEIPI News Day

CEIPI News Day

LOn May 19th, Nathalie de Quatrebarbes, partner, took part in the CEIPI’s (Center for International Intellectual Property Studies) News Day dedicated to European case law in Intellectual Property. She spoke on patent law issues, with Franck Macrez and Romain Soustelle from #CEIPI and under the chairmanship of Laurence Dreyfuss-Bechmann from Fidal law firm.

See more : https://www.ceipi.edu/actualites/actualite/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=11802&cHash=fdc7d0bee3b99d2716e104d42e1b29f9