« Artificial Intelligence and Data Access » seminar – LES France

Nathalie de Quatrebarbes will attend next October 28th, 2021 the “Artificial Intelligence and Data Access” seminar organised by the IT&S committee of LES France – Licensing Executives Society, LES France – Licensing Executives Society, co-chaired by Yann Dietrich and Antoine Dupont. She will intervene alongside Yelena Trifounovitch, partner lawyer at Bredin Prat law firm and Franck Macrez, director of the research laboratory of the Centre d’Etudes Internationales de la Propriété Intellectuelle (CEIPI).


Program Important developments in the various regulatory frameworks in the field of AI and data access will be discussed in order to give an overview of the current changing context, in particular with regard to compliance with competition rules and intellectual property rights. In order to overcome this relatively “unclear” context, practical contractual approaches will be presented as well as, during the round table, the feedback from industrialists.

14.00 Introduction
Yann Dietrich and Antoine Dupont, LES France, co-chairs of the IT&S committee

14.15 Competition issues and risks of new business models in the field of AI and data
Yelena TRIFOUNOVITCH, Partner lawyer, BREDIN PRAT law firm

14.45 Overview of recent and upcoming reforms in the European Union (directives, regulations, national laws)

16.30 Current legal framework for AI contracts and data access
Nathalie de QUATREBARBES, Lawyer at de QUATREBARBES law firm

17.00 Round table discussion moderated by Antoine Dupont with two industrial players presenting their feedback and the three speakers
Presentation of DAWEX company (Data exchange platform): Laurent Lafaye, co-founder ATOS: Yann Dietrich, Intellectual Property Director