Information technology


The lawyers are regularly involved in litigation related to information technologies (e.g. platform liability, legality of disruptive services, liability of the provider of an innovative technological solution, etc.).

They manage the various aspects of these disputes (e.g.: actions on the merits, summary proceedings, before the enforcement judge).

They are used to pan-European and international litigations as well as to complex cases requiring the intervention of various professionals of the law but also of public relations and communication experts.




The law firm offers assistance in structuring projects relating to innovative technologies and disruptive goodsor services (e.g. artificial intelligence). Its lawyers work in close collaboration with clients in order to build solutions designed to optimize their rights or position and to reduce the risks of litigation and their consequences. The firm’s network provides support for the structuring and deployment of international projects.

The law firm is also frequently consulted on the liability of information society service providers and on open source issues.

Negotiating and drafting contracts are part of our firm’s regular practice (assignment agreement, license, development and integration, SAAS, maintenance, confidentiality agreement etc.).

The lawyers are involved in the intellectual property aspects of larger transactions, including mergers and acquisitions.

Recently, our law firm advised:


The provider of a disruptive service in the context of the slingshot led against it by media companies and online advertising players;

The provider of a solution based on artificial intelligence in securing its interests and structuring its business model;

The provider of a solution based on artificial intelligence in the realization of its standard contracts and in the management of open source issues.